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Sadhana, Guru, and disciple

What is sadhana? This is a certain routine, a certain practice. In India, there are 3 related concepts – sadhaka (practitioner), sadhana (the process of doing, the actions) and sadhya (the goal of these actions). Thus, sadhana is a term for actions to achieve a specific goal. Yogic traditional sadhana is the practice of yoga according to the tradition. This means that the practice is governed by certain prescriptions of this tradition, and in return the tradition gives this practice some kind of support making it more effective.

The key point in traditional Natha practice is the relationship between Guru and disciple. This is the base, the foundation that ensures real progress in yoga. Basically, this is true for most of the teachings of India, but for Nathas it is the central, primary thing that needs to be correctly understood and implemented. Guru always guides the disciple in his practice, choosing methods that will develop him to a greater extent. Guru, due to a special connection that is established on the subtle level, when a disciple takes initiation, can convey the highest state, that Guru has realized, to disciple. From his side, the disciple learns to selflessly serve the Guru, pacifying his Ego. This service implies not only helping Guru in his affairs, but also willingness to change yourself and carry out even those instructions one does not want to do. When student follows all the instructions, regardless of his usual views and stereotypes of behavior, this leads to the fact that he gradually develops various abilities, moves away from the initial limitations of his own personality, becomes more flexible, and thinks more broadly.

An important point in this relationship is the ability to listen and hear Guru, openness, and receptivity. At first it can be difficult, and many learn formally, but gradually, each one at his own pace, a person opens up to the perception of Guru. The more open the disciple is in this regard, the more effective is his practice. All methods, even very simple ones, give amazing results. In fact, it is then that all yoga methods begin to work as intended and lead to the disclosure of Atman and the original perfect state.

You need to try to live in the same rhythm with Guru, to be focused on him, and not on yourself – that is, think in his interests, and not your personal ones, then there is a real chance to pacify the ego, and then you can become really close to him. And this does not depend on the distance and the number of meetings. There are people who see Guru almost every day, but if Guru is just an adornment to their beautiful Personality, if “I” is at the head of all this, then such a relationship basically only feeds the ego and does not give real development, the person does not change essentially.


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