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About yoga

Йоги Лакшминатх Махарадж

Our life is an endless race for impressions, pleasures and beautiful things. We are rarely alone with ourselves, and if this happens, we feel bored. We communicate, buy staff, play games, spend hours surfing the Internet – we do all but don't look inside ourselves, although the whole Universe is hidden there... But a person who travels in his inner universe is never bored. Because he explores, discovers, learns new things in himself and in the world that is invisibly connected with him.


Someone goes with the flow, obediently being drawn into the whirlpool of fate. Tired of problems and conflicts, not understanding why he is here and what he should do. And someone knows why and how, does the right thing, at the right time and in the right place, avoiding mistakes, saving energy. This is achievable. This is reality. Yoga gives it.


The path of yoga is the path of recognizing one's true and perfect nature, gaining integrity and unity with the Highest reality. The path of development, expansion of consciousness and energy, which gives clarity of perception, a clear vision of one's goals, necessary actions and decisions, at any time and in any place. And although the yogic path has historically always been associated with a secluded and monastic lifestyle, this does not mean that it is not applicable or does not make sense for people in society. On the contrary, if a person retains awareness and control of feelings, detachment, if he is always installed in his center, in the Atman, then this gives him the opportunity to live a bright and fulfilling life, using society for his development.


Yes, everyone knows yoga is good for your health. But the meaning of yoga is much deeper: it is the transformation of the entire human being, all karma, it is the spiritualization of the body (kaya-sadhana) and the elimination of ignorance, illusory ideas about oneself and about the world. Then the natural and perfect state inherent in us is revealed, this is real health – "svastha" in Sanskrit (one's own state). And it is no different from the yogic state, which is often defined as "sat-chit-ananda" – true being, consciousness and bliss.

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