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I teach both individual and group lessons. Here you can choose the format that suits you best .




If you have any questions that you want to discuss, then you can join one of the online satsangs or sign up for an individual consultation. Such consultation is an open dialogue on questions of interest to you. The conversation is conducted online. To sign up for a consultation, use the feedback form, indicating the approximate topics of conversation.

Individual sessions

I also conduct full-fledged individual classes online (via skype, zoom), which include work with the body and the basics of pranayama, meditation.

The course of individual lessons consists of at least 4 lessons.

To receive a questionnaire for individual training, please write to the feedback form .


If you have some experience in yoga practice (from 1 month), you can join online group classes (in the Zoom). Classes are grouped into courses, so you can choose the topic or those courses that are most interesting for you at the moment and are suitable in time.

You can find the current group programs on Events page.


In group lessons, we combine asanas (body positions), pranayama (breath control) and meditation (work with consciousness), trying to gradually come to balance and put into practice the goal of Hatha Yoga – the unification of the sun and moon, energy and consciousness. Classes in the online format do not involve performing technically complex asanas, special physical training is not required, the exercises are performed in accordance with the state of the body. However, if you have chronic illnesses or previous injuries, it is better to inform about it in advance.


There is an opportunity to participate in offline courses, that is, to receive videos of the lessons (for example, if you want to study, but the time is not right for you), in this case, you will need to make the mark "offline" when registering.

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