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Online yoga-workshop on Bhuta-shuddhi, July 27-29

July 27-29 will be online yoga-workshop on Bhuta-shuddhi, the practice of purification the elements [Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space]. This practice is important part of purification process in Tantra as well as in Yoga. It can be said that Bhuta-shuddhi renews our body at all levels, makes us more concentrated and clear in our practice.

There will be 3 classes [July 27, 28, 29], including some theory and practice.

The classes start at 11 am PDT (UTC-7), duration is about 1 hour, language: English.

The method of Bhuta-shuddhi includes visualization, concentration and contemplation, so it is meditative practice that requires ability to sit in comfort position with a straight back for a some time. It is better for the participants to know the basics of yoga and have at least a 6 months of yoga practice experience.

These workshop are donation based (any amount required).

This workshop are donation based (any amount required).

Classes are held on Zoom platform. It is possible to participate offline (session on record) if the time of online classes is not suitable. If it is your situation, please, indicate it in note.

To learn more about the Nath Tradition of yoga, in accordance with which these classes are held, you can visit

For participation, please, register here


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