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Online Yoga-classes, February 13-17

The classes include some basic asanas, pranayama (breathing and energy control), dharana (concentration) and dhyana (contemplation). Practice is held in accordance with the traditional views of yoga, as it exists in the Nath Sampradaya.

February 13-17 6 pm PT (Pacific time, UTC-8:00) daily The duration of the class is about an hour.

Participation in classes: donation.

It is better for the participants to be familiar with the basics of yoga, i.e. have at least a few months of yoga practice experience.

Classes are held on Zoom platform. It is possible to participate offline (session on record) if the time of online classes is not suitable. If it is your situation, please, indicate it in note.

To learn more about the Nath Tradition of yoga, in accordance with which these classes are held, you can visit

For participation, please, register here


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