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Successful Yoga Practice and Life in Society

Many ask how to practice traditional yoga while living in society, how to combine everyday social activities — work, communication with family, etc. — and deep, essential yoga practice. In fact, this is the most frequent question, because we, Western people, practically do not have the opportunity to be outside of society, while in India and Nepal all the conditions have been created for this: the institution of sannyasas, monasticism, and the corresponding support of society.

The teachings of Gorakshanath are as flexible as possible, therefore, to be a real yogi, to develop in tradition, and at the same time to live in society is quite possible, because the lifestyle and external attributes are not the most important thing, the most important is the inner state of a person, how much he or she is realized in vairagya (detachment) and purity, how stable is sadhana, is there a connection with God and with tradition (with Teachers).

So what is needed to successfully practice yoga, living in society?

🔸 A good foundation: an optimal way of life (following yama-niyama), discipline, regularity of sadhana

🔸 Honesty with yourself, sincerity.

🔸Prioritization — it is good to understand why you are practicing, how important and vital it is for you. If yoga really takes first place in your life, then you will find how to rearrange your activities and your environment so that they do not interfere with your practice.

🔸Awareness in everything, control of feelings — the ability to consciously perform certain actions with an understanding of the consequences. There are many activities in society, so it is important to learn not to commit acts in rash that then can drag along a string of problems and unnecessary situations.

🔸Saving energy, correct energy exchange with the environment.

🔸Learn to be aware of the presence of the Supreme not only during sadhana, but also in all daily activities; for a yogi, all life is practice.

🔸Any form of selfless service, donation (to tradition, Teachers or more spiritually developed people). The ability to give, especially the most valuable. For people living in society and having many benefits, property, a sense of significance, this is quite an important point, as it helps to weaken the iron grip of Ego and attachment to material things.

🔸 A strong inner core, devotion to higher landmarks, faith in Guru and following Guru’s instructions. Otherwise, Mahamaya will win😊

The society constantly checks our adherence to the chosen path, and if we are weak, every now and then we roll back, get stuck in the illusory manifestations of reality.

✨In general, following Guru and sincere relationship with Guru can replace many recommendations and advice, because Guru is both a guideline, and a method, and the embodiment of the very state of yoga, the Highest Reality. Guru’s grace dispels the darkness of ignorance, and Mahamaya (the Great Illusion) loses his power.


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