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How to tune yourself to yoga practice

We are usually tuned in to the outside world, to society, to our social activities. We tune in with other people and spaces, with the different processes of daily life. Yoga begins when we tune in to ourselves, try to catch our own vibration, to feel our own energy, the breath.

Breathing is an expression of our prana, which can be felt by any person. Not everyone feels the energy, but everyone is familiar with breathing. That is, we look into ourselves, tune in to ourselves, turn to ourselves. In fact, this is a reflection of the universal process, when Shiva looks at himself. He creates duality, separates Shakti from himself in order to look at himself and know himself. Similarly, we and all processes repeat this action.

Knowledge itself or self-knowledge is possible only because there is duality. It is then that the presence of the cognizer, the cognizable and the process of cognition is possible. If there is no duality, if they are merged together, then there will be no process of cognition. So this whole world is nothing but a process of cognition, its cause and purpose at the same time. Our body, we ourselves, embodied in the body, participate in this process. We can consider our body and mind, which is a manifestation of duality and illusion (Maya), as chains, that limits us and forces us to stay in Samsara. But it can also be considered from a different point of view – the Shiva's point of view – that the presence of a body/mind is an opportunity to know oneself, to realize the impulse of the Absolute.


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