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Our life is an endless race for impressions, pleasures and beautiful things. We are rarely alone with ourselves, and if this happens, we feel bored. We communicate, buy fancy trinkets, play games, surf the Internet for hours - we do whatever we want so as not to look inside ourselves, although the whole Universe is hidden there ...

A person who travels in his inner universe is never bored.



Someone goes with the flow, obediently being drawn into the whirlpool of fate. Tired of problems and conflicts, not understanding why he is here and what he should do ...

And someone knows why, why and how. And does the right  actions, at the right time and in the right place. Avoiding mistakes, saving energy. This is achievable. This is reality. 

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Practice  in tradition

What is the advantage of traditional yoga practice? What to choose: style or tradition , and what's the difference?


As a rule, the style is created by one person and is characterized by clear sequences of exercises so that anyone can practice on their own or with an instructor. In view of such an orientation towards the masses, the deep aspects of yoga are usually not laid in the style, its true goals are veiled, and what the consumer society wants is at the forefront - a beautiful body, relaxation, health. This is not bad, but it confuses and misleads people who want to really advance in yoga, which from time immemorial has always been associated with spiritual practice, the development of the Soul.


In tradition, everything is a little different. It involves the transmission of teachings and experiences along the chain of disciplic succession over many centuries. There is no single author here - many practitioners devoted to the highest ideals of yoga have been adding and refining methods of self-realization for centuries, enriching the tradition with their experience. These methods reach us, tested by at least several generations of yogis, because everything that is wrong or useless does not pass the test for centuries, it disappears as unnecessary, only the most effective remains.


Practitioners in the tradition rely on the recognized texts and on the authority of the Guru, who teaches the student individually, helps to form the correct guidelines in sadhana and the inner core.

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Yoga Natha: morning practice


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In the mountains of Maharashtra



Immortality means, first of all, that the world in which you live is the greatest blessing for you, the greatest happiness, with all that is and will be in it. And there is everything in the world: wars, shocking nightmares, and what many consider unfair, disgusting and disgusting.


Guru Yogi Matsyendranath



Knowledge of the true nature is manifested  thanks to  purity of abhyasa, calmness, service to the Guru - [and it happens] by the grace of the Guru.


Siddha Siddhanta Paddhati


Be happy!


“If you want to be happy, be happy” - this simple aphorism by Kozma Prutkov began my realization of the truly invaluable ability of a person to be happy thanks to the very nature of his own Self, Atman. This cannot be taken away from us, it can only be forgotten, expecting satisfaction from external conditions. But it is precisely this model of behavior that the consumer society imposes on us from childhood - "buy, possess and enjoy!" However, everyone knows that something is always missing for complete happiness - something that is better, more beautiful than yours.


We are used to comparing, competing, showing that we have the best in order to deserve the recognition of society. Oddly enough, this all takes you very far from Happiness. All the best is already within us. And if we are lucky to understand this, to realize right now, at this moment in life, then happiness is simply inevitable. Happiness is simply because we are.  We live, we realize.  Here. Now. In this diverse world of colors,  forms and processes.  


When I suddenly realized, felt that I could be happy on my own, even in completely catastrophic conditions, and most importantly, I began to experience this deep state almost constantly, a new way of perceiving reality opened up to me, which is well illustrated by William Blake's quatrain:



"See eternity in an instant,

A huge world in a grain of sand

In a single handful - infinity

And the sky is in the cup of a flower. "


It means living in the here and now .

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